Anonymous asked:
Does josh Ramsay or the band or other band members have accounts for themselves?

Sorry no one answered this yet! 

The only official Tumblr was their tour one, I believe. 

ghosttrench-deactivated20140521 asked:
Hi I'm a new Marianas Trench and Ghost Town blog :) I was wondering if you do promos? If so, can I have one? Thanks so much!

I’m not really sure if the other owner(s) do it, but I don’t mind doing it-though I’m not sure how to officially promo somebody. :)

 But I do hope that more people check out your blog! :)

Anonymous asked:
oh my god this account is hardly active anymore. i miss it!

I’m sorry. It’s ran by callmeramsay only anymore, and my dad just had open heart surgery… So I don’t have the time for that.

Also now that band/stage band are back, I have… Well, here, I’ll make a list.


  • Band (after school)


  • Reach for the Top (lunch)
  • Music Council (lunch - i flip flop)


  • Nothing.


  • Nothing, unless we start choir back up



And I work on top of all that… So it’s hard to keep things active.

Anonymous asked:
Hey, it's the anon again :) Thank you so much! And thank you to that other person i asked too. You guys are the best!

Thank! :)

Anonymous asked:
Can you upload the whole mmvas to like mediafire or something? That anon asked me too and I feel bad 'cause I can't get mine to upload :I

I’ll try and convert it. It might take a day because it’s the whole MMVA’s I have. So I have to convert, then crop.

Anonymous asked:
just to be clear; this isn't the actual Josh, right?


Anonymous asked:
hey i saw that other ask about the mmva performance! can you link me to where it can be seen?

i can’t find the url but i know i saw it the other day. :/

Anonymous asked:
(different anon here) woah wait it's still on the site? The player is just blank for me..?

I shoullld beeee.

i can’t find the url but i know i saw it the other day. :/

Anonymous asked:
Can you convert it (the mmva performance) then post it? Sorry for bothering you! :( I just really wanna see it again :(

It’s still on the site. :) And I’d have to open it in another thing, to crop around the rest of the MMVA’s, and I can’t open it there. :/ So in other words, I sadly can’t crop it.